How Horse Race Stories Can Influence Your Betting

The rise of horse-race stories has several advantages for the media. Not only does it provide viewers with an insider view into the world of politics, but it focuses readers on particular races. Election handicappers help focus coverage, otherwise it would resemble endless policy white papers. There is also ample time to cover all angles, as the presidential race takes 22 months to complete. Listed below are some ways in which you can use horse-race stories to influence your wagers.

Dosage diagram

A Dosage Diagram for a horse race can help you determine a winner in a race. These charts are designed to provide a solid foundation for your predictions and opinions. Dosage Diagrams can also tell you about a horse’s speed and stamina. If the CD is low, it means the horse will be slow, but if it is high, it will likely win the race. In addition, the chart can tell you what type of race a horse will be most likely to win.

Dosage Indicator

Dosage index is a mathematical figure used by Thoroughbred race horse breeders and bettors to handicap horse races. This figure is calculated based on the pedigree of the horse. It is a useful tool for bettors to use when handicapping a race. Using a Dosage index to determine which horses are good bets is a very popular way to make money betting on horse races.


The current system of horse racing, in which the bettors must split the breakage evenly, is a misnomer. It effectively serves as an extra rake on winning bets, raising the effective takeout to over 20% in some jurisdictions. While this rake might be justified as a necessary evil, it significantly reduces the amount of money that the racing companies can return to horseplayers as prize money or to fund the race’s takeout. To reduce this waste, racing operators and horse owners should adopt a system that returns breakage to the nearest penny.

Exacta (or Perfecta) wagering

If you’ve ever bet on horse races, you might have heard of Exacta (or Perfecta) wagers. In a horse race, you place a bet on two horses that are likely to finish first and second. If you place a bet on an exacta box, you’ll have the option of wagering on multiple horses, but the payout is not linear. The more horses you place in the exacta box, the higher the prize pool will be.


You can watch simulcast horse races at Lincoln Race Course seven days a week. The hours of operation vary, but the track is open at 10:30am on Sundays and 11pm on Fridays. Simulcasts are available in most countries. In addition to simulcasts, live horse racing is also available on Thursday and Friday evenings. To watch simulcast horse races, visit the track’s website for hours and a full calendar of events.