MMA Betting Basics

mma betting

MMA betting is an exciting and lucrative venture for bettors willing to do their research. This is achieved by studying fighters’ previous fight film, as well as their fighting styles and strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to a fighter’s performance at weigh-ins, as this can provide insight into their mental state of mind going into a fight.

When betting on MMA, the most popular bet is on the moneyline, which involves placing a wager on which fighter you think will win a given fight. Each fighter is assigned odds based on their chances of winning, with underdogs paying out more than favorites. In order to place a successful MMA moneyline bet, you must first choose a reputable sportsbook and deposit funds into your account.

Another bet type is a point spread, which requires placing a wager on a specific margin of victory. This type of bet is more complex than a simple moneyline bet, as you must consider the number of points scored by each fighter in addition to their opponent’s total score. Point spread bets are often better for experienced bettors, as they require more research and analysis than other types of MMA bets.

In MMA, judges take a variety of factors into consideration when determining a winner. These include effective striking, grappling, dominance, and aggressiveness. Effective striking is determined by the number of significant legal strikes landed during a fight, while illegal strikes can result in a point deduction based on the referee’s opinion. Grappling is also a major factor in determining a winner, and is evaluated on the number of takedowns as well as submission holds.

While a knockout is the ideal outcome of any MMA fight, it’s not always possible in every matchup. For this reason, bettors should always study a fighter’s finishing abilities before making any decisions about whether or not they will KO their opponent. To do so, bettors should watch a fighter’s past performances in the Octagon, as this will help them identify their strength and weaknesses.

Finally, bettors should always pay close attention to a fighter’s performance at the weigh-ins prior to their fight. This is especially important for fighters who are struggling to make weight, as extreme dehydration can lead to them feeling drained and vulnerable at the start of a fight. Keeping up to date on MMA news and listening to fight podcasts can also help bettors identify potential underdog opportunities. This can help them reap a substantial payout when placing a parlay bet, which is a combination of multiple individual wagers that earns a higher payout if all the parts of the bet come true. A good example of this would be betting on Henry Cejudo as an underpriced underdog against Gregor Gillespie, as shown below. This bet pays out at a combined payout of +260, which is a substantial amount of money for a single bet.