The Optimal Basic Strategy of Blackjack

The optimal basic strategy of blackjack varies with the version played. The optimal basic strategy tables explain what action to take given different circumstances. They can be a challenge to learn, but are vital for successful money-making at the blackjack table. However, some seemingly sound strategies are not appropriate for the tables. Read on to learn which ones to avoid and which are the best for your specific situation. Also, beware of newbies – some strategies seem sound but have no place at the blackjack table. By daftar idn poker you can have a great amount of chance to win money from other players. Idn play server now provide a poker game called idn poker which are very easy to play and with many of different features. You can generate a great amount of income by playing with idn poker today.

Basic strategy

When you first start playing the game of blackjack, you may feel overwhelmed with the complexity of basic strategy. Fortunately, there are a few key rules of thumb that simplify the game considerably. These rules can be learned in less than an hour, and are extremely helpful in improving your game. Below are some of the key aspects of blackjack strategy. To play blackjack successfully, you must understand them. Basic blackjack strategy is important for players of all skill levels.

Splitting Aces

One of the best ways to improve your chances of winning at blackjack is to split aces. Although splitting aces does not guarantee you two ten-value cards, it does increase your chances of winning. You may also get a natural 21 with this strategy, which pays 1.5 times the amount you bet. If you aren’t sure whether splitting aces is for you, read our tips for doing it right.

Doubling down

Doubling down in blackjack involves doubling your bet in the middle of the hand, equal to the ante. When doing so, you must have an advantage over the dealer. In most cases, you cannot double down after you have been dealt a pair of 10s. However, if the dealer has an up card of two, nine, or ten, you can double down. If you are dealt a pair of 10s, you should avoid doubling down unless you are sure you’ll be able to beat the dealer’s up card.


Although the concept of Blackjack insurance seems logical, it comes with its own set of risks. Unlike traditional poker, where an insurance bet entails betting against the dealer, insurance in blackjack does not protect you from loss. Instead, you stand a chance of losing your original bet and the insurance payout is equal to that of your original bet. In other words, even money insurance pays out three to two, while a traditional blackjack bet pays out only one to one.

Probability of getting 21

The probability of getting 21 in blackjack depends on a number of factors. The number of decks in a game, the number of cards dealt to each player, and the number of hits and stands for the dealer all play a role. The probabilities vary from player to player. In Vegas, the probability of a dealer hitting a soft 17 is one in 32,178,035.