The Roullete


Among the many sports that are played at horse races, the Roullete is one of the most exciting to watch. This type of race is played over three different courses, with the winner being the first to reach the finish line. There are a number of different bets that can be placed, and each of these has its own etiquette and rules.


Despite the name, there isn’t a single origin of the roulette. Rather, it is believed to have originated in France during the 17th century. The origins of roulette are still debated among historians. However, it is clear that the game was developed gradually over the course of a century.

The earliest roulette wheel contained numbers one through 36. A special slot was added for a double zero. The numbers were also marked in even increments, rather than in random order. The wheel was reminiscent of the wheel used in the Roly-Poly game, which was also a spinning wheel game of the time.

Types of bets

Among the many games found in casinos, Roulette is one of the most popular. Its name is derived from the French word for ‘little wheel’. It was invented by a monk in the Middle Ages to kill boredom. It spread across Europe and Asia. Today, it is played in casinos around the world.

There are many different types of bets available in Roulette. These include the outer bets, inner bets and the bets placed on colours and numbers. The payout ratio is usually 11-1. The house edge of Roulette is a mathematical formula that measures the casino’s edge over the player. This is not an accurate formula, but is a good estimate.